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DataCrunch Company, founded in 2001, is an expert application hosting provider focused on high quality managed dedicated server hosting with professional staff ready to address a broad spectrum of customer needs ranging from set up of geologically diverse highly available application hosting to custom software development and integration with customer and third party solutions, thus streamlining web delivery mechanism. With DataCrunch Company, businesses can tap into vast knowledge and readily available resources without having to hire entire web and dedicated software development departments. We are the outsourcing solution for companies that take their business seriously.


DataCrunch Company hosts exclusively on high end HP ProLiant and Integrity servers with multi-redundant Cisco equipment while providing expert support for various hosting environments including clustered Windows Advanced Server 2003 and 2008, various Linux based systems (including RedHat, SuSE), FreeBSD, Solaris and various database application servers, including Enterprise edition of Microsoft SQL Server, Enterprise edition of Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Pervasive and a few less common products. DataCrunch Company has extensive experience developing control and management software for virtualization technologies.


DataCrunch Company supports any platform that a customer requires, both in production and in development with experienced developers capable of creating custom applications and low-level system drivers on UNIX systems such as AIX (on IBM equipment), HP-UX, non Intel-based Solaris (on SUN equipment), TRU64. DataCrunch Company is available to support, modify, review, debug and enhance a wide range of customer applications, including custom software written in C/C++, Java, Delphi (Object Oriented Pascal), VB, C#, various dotNet technologies, Flash, ASP and any embedded SQL software on supported SQL servers.


DataCrunch Company offers web and graphic design services, video conversion, hosting and broadcast services, ease-of-use evaluation and navigation redesign, third-party integration, SEO (search engine optimization), advertising campaign management and return on investment analysis, complete project management and multi-site deployment.


DataCrunch Company is privately held and headquartered in Miami, Florida.